Software options: OpenDMIS

Software options: OpenDMIS

Functionally enhanced Metrology software allowing open access to CMM CAD performance for 3D scanning services ? 

A truly unique User Interface. Dynamic function-sensitive toolbars, action icons, and context-sensitive work areas characterize OpenDMIS™. The graphics window remains visible at all times, maximizing operating efficiency.

No pop-up windows to close, no cascading menus, no screen crowding, and no annoying “drill down” functionality.

This next generation metrology software for all new Wenzel CMMs, software upgrades, and retrofits minimizes the learning curve, for a rapid progression of the new user to full-feature capability.

For the first time, CMM software is intuitive, powerful, and easy to use. No function is more than one mouse click away. No other software can claim the one click performance and drag-and-drop functionality of OpenDMIS.


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