XOplus Coordinate Measuring Machine

Wenzel America XO Plus Coordinate Measuring Machine

What is the XOplus Coordinate Measuring Machine?

The WENZEL XOplus Coordinate Measuring Machine is a mid-range CMM which bridges the technical and commercial gap between the German-built, premium LHG systems and the popular XO CMM.

What does XOplus CMM do?

The XOplus brings the renowned stability of a granite CMM and high accuracy at a competitive price. The XOplus also has size ranges that are different to XO and LHG. The XOplus has bridge size of 55 (500mm by 500mm), 77 and 98 and each bridge sizes has different Y-axis lengths to suit customer needs. The XOplus 555 is has particularly small footprint making it ideal for shops where real estate cost is at a premium.

What applications are suitable for the XOplus CMM?

Applications include; machined components, stampings, tooling, and turbine blades.

What are some other Features/Benefits of the XOplus CMM?

  • Excellent price/performance ratio
  • Renishaw Probe Systems let you add sensor technology as your needs change and grow.
  • Drive systems and air bearings arrangements like high-end continuous industrial scanning CMMs.

If your inspection process calls for a coordinate measuring machine that can do more than just tactile touch probing, but you still need high value, you don’t have to sacrifice the intrinsic accuracy of granite.  Our newest XOplus coordinate measuring machine is built with thermally stable granite structures and fills the gap between premium machines and the Xorbit workhorse coordinate measuring machine. For more information on exactly how a new XOplus coordinate measuring machine can improve your inspection processes contact Andy Woodward at 248.295.4300 or email [email protected].


XOplus Coordinate Measuring Machine

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