R Series Coordinate Measuring Machine

R Series Coordinate Measuring Machine

What is a R-series Horizontal Arm Coordinate Measuring Machine?

The Wenzel R series of CMM is a mechanical bearing, horizontal arm Coordinate Measuring Machine which is available in a huge variety of sizes, accuracy levels and performances.

What do R machines do?

They measure lower tolerance products like car bodies, sheet metal assemblies, automotive glass, internal trim parts and fabrications and can also mill clay models in design studios.

What types of R machines are there and for which applications?

RSplus are side mounted to a cast iron plate, for easy installation and loading of easier to handle parts and fixtures. RAF machines utilize the same arm design as RSplus but are mounted on a runway. RAF can be mounted on top of the factory floor or flush with it. RA machines also utilize the same arm design and are mounted on cast iron plates, which are normally installed flush with the factory floor for easy loading. RADplus CMMs utilize a more robust column design and a high-power controller to provide the increased performance. RAX machines provide the ultimate is Z-axis range and speed are installed flush with the floor.

What are some other Features/Benefits?

  • The best price/performance ratio on the market
  • All models are available in standard and premium accuracy configurations.
  • Use a carbon fiber quill for decreased weight (less column droop) and higher stiffness.
  • Larger quill sections and greater protection for clay milling applications
  • Can be equipped with Renishaw probes PH10 or PHS heads and the Wenzel Phoenix II Optical sensor for even higher productivity or the Wenzel Shapetracer laser scanner.

Our philosophy when it comes a coordinate measuring machine is to eliminate as many avenues of inaccuracy as possible - before any measuring happens. Because we start with the intrinsic-accuracy of granite in each piece of metrology equipment we manufacture, your coordinate measuring machine then high accuracy built in. Starting with the most mechanically accurate structure for coordinate measuring means less error mapping to compensate for less than ideal materials. For more information about getting the best results in your coordinate measuring processes contact Andy Woodward at 248.295.4300 or email [email protected].


R Series Coordinate Measuring Machine

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