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PHOENIX (White Light Scanning)

Phoenix White Light Scanners

What is PHOENIX II White Light Scanning?

The Phoenix II uniquely integrates a miniature structured white light scanning feature, an Optical Feature Recognition system and a Tactile Scanning probe on to a high accuracy Granite CMM.

What does PHOENIX II do?

Users can create point clouds of complex surfaces and measure features such as deep holes and slots in the same program.  Sensors are changed using standard Renishaw interfaces and change racks allowing accurate and repeatable measurements to be in the same coordinate system and certifiable to ISO standards for production parts.

What applications are suitable for the PHOENIX?

Applications are where complex surfaces need to be inspected alongside geometrical feature such as holes and sots not accessible by a laser or structured white light scanning.  Typically these could be medical implants or turbine blades where a high level of inspection is required on both surfaces and geometric features. Another application would be automotive parts with a combination of A surfaces and precise locating holes and clips.  

What are some other Features/Benefits of the PHOENIX?

  • Structured white light scanner with robust ability to scan black and bare metal parts.
  • Ideal for parts produced by 3D Printing with complex geometry.
  • Programmable for automatic operation including measurement of customized parts.
  • Multi-Sensor operation and automatic change rack exchange
  • All system components and software are developed, produced and maintained by WENZEL. 

More about white light scanning

Wenzel America is a top supplier of traditional CMMs, GMMs, CT and non-contact 3D Scanning measuring machines to the North American aerospace, automotive and medical device markets. For more information about white light scanning offered by Wenzel America contact Andy Woodward at 248.295.4300 or email [email protected].



PHOENIX (White Light Scanning)

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