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Shapetracer II   Shapetracer II

Shapetracer - Laser Line Scanner

Shape Tracer | laser white light scanners

What is a Shapetracer Laser Line Scanner?

The Wenzel Shapetracer is a CMM mounted laser line that is interchangeable with tactile Renishaw probes and suitable for full time or occasional use

What does the Shapetracer do?

The Shapetracer collects point clouds using a laser line laser line scanner. It is programmable and fully CNC controlled enabling it to gather very clean ordered point cloud data and repeat the same procedure exactly at a future date.

What applications are suitable for Shapetracer?

The Shapetracer can be used to supplement the use of tactile probes on a CMM enabling the inspection of complex surface data on any type of part. The data quality it collects is extremely smooth and orderly which when combined with its ability to work in the same coordinate measuring system as the CMM’s tactile probes also makes it ideal for reverse engineering.  Alternatively Shapetracer can be used on a dedicated CMM making repeated measurements on sampled production parts comparing them to CAD.

What are some other Features/Benefits of the Shapetracer?

  • Laser line scanner with robust ability to scan black and bare metal parts.
  • Ideal for parts produced by 3D Printing with complex geometry.
  • Programmable for automatic operation.
  • Multi-Sensor operation and automatic change rack exchange
  • Integrated with Pointmaster Inspection and reverse engineering software
  • All system components and software are developed, produced and maintained by WENZEL. 

Wenzel America is a top supplier of traditional CMMs, GMMs, CT and non-contact 3D Scanning measuring machines to the North American aerospace, automotive and medical device markets. For more information about Renishaw probes and CMM Machines offered by Wenzel America contact Andy Woodward at 248.295.4300 or email [email protected].



Shapetracer - Laser Line Scanner

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