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SP25M Modules and CMM Stylus Holders

SP25 Modules and Stylus Holders Metrology Equipment
SP25 with Touch Probe module TM25-20 mounted

A range of module kits allows SP25M users to build up their probing capability over time using our metrology equipment. Each SM25-# scanning module is optimized in terms of gain and spring rate to suit the range of stylus lengths specified. For every module, there is a matching SH25-# cmm stylus holder. The SH25-3 and SH25-4 cmm stylus holders are constructed with a fixed carbon fiber stem to which an M3 stylus is mounted, and selected to provide the correct working length.

Manufacturing the most accurate CMM frames in the industry is for naught unless we use the best cmm styli money can buy.  Other than our own specialized scanning heads we exclusively use, sell and recommend one brand of CMM stylus - Renishaw.  The pioneer in metrology probing, Renishaw has continued to advance the technology of cmm styli for more than four decades.  We have a strong partnership with Renishaw and have developed many unique solutions mounting a precision cmm stylus from Renishaw atop a Wenzel CMM.  If your in the market for a new cmm stylus or any other Renishaw aftermarket product we will beat any deal on any Renishaw cmm stylus, just call us at 248.295.4300 or email [email protected]


SP25M Modules and Stylus Holders Metrology Equipment
SP25 can measure deep features using long styli
SP25M Modules and Stylus Holders Metrology Equipment
Schematic diagram showing SP25 components
SM25-1 module
Use with SH25-1.
Stylus length: 20 - 50 mm
SM25-2 module
Use with SH25-2.
Stylus length: 50 - 105 mm
SM25-3 module
Use with SH25-3.
Stylus length: 120 - 200 mm
SM25-4 module
Use with SH25-4.
Stylus length: 200 - 400 mm
TM25-20 module
Touch Probe
Use with TP20 modules
and extensions
SM25-1 module SM25-2 module SM25-3 module SM25-4 module TM25-20 module


SP25M Modules and CMM Stylus Holders

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