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Why is Renishaw CMM Stylus the Best in Class?

Renishaw CMM Stylus

Renishaw makes everything to their exacting standards … just like we do!

They make the largest variety of CMM styli on the market.

Their CMM stylus is a very good value for the money you spend.

Quality + Value is important!

What are the different types of Renishaw Stylus for CMMs?

The genuine Renishaw stylus range comprises several types including:

  • Straight styli - These are the simplest form of CMM stylus, incorporating highly spherical industrial ruby balls and a choice of stem material. Ruby is an extremely hard material and hence stylus wear is minimal.
  • Star styli - These CMM stylus clusters provide you with multiple-tip probing of complex features and bores. Four or five ruby ball systems are mounted rigidly on a stainless steel center. Star styli can be used to inspect a variety of different features. Their use can reduce inspection cycle times by allowing multi-tip probing, minimizing the need to move the probe to extreme points of internal features such as the sides or grooves in a bore.
  • Disc styli - These are used to probe undercuts and grooves within bores, which may be inaccessible to star styli. They are ‘sections’ of highly spherical balls and are available in various diameters and thicknesses. Full rotational adjustment and the ability to add a center stylus are features of the Renishaw range of disc styli that make them particularly flexible and easy to use.

Can You Custom Design Your Renishaw CMM Stylus?

Yes! If you cannot achieve your objectives using our extensive range of standard products, Renishaw's Styli and Custom Products Division offers a unique service by providing customers with a total solution for their probing needs for CMM, machine tool or scanning applications.

The Division includes expertise in applications, design, engineering and manufacturing with extensive experience in providing tailor-made product solutions to specific customer's requirements.

In many application problems, the solution lies in the choice of the CMM stylus which influences access to the workpiece features, inspection times and probe performance. All of these aspects are considered in the design of a custom CMM stylus, ensuring that the solution incorporates the ideal choice of materials and optimizes probe performance for your particular application.

For More Information

Visit our blog for more information on why Renishaw CMM stylus is the best in class.

For further advice on outfitting your CMM with aftermarket Renishaw probes, please email Jenny Egan at [email protected]

We exclusively use Renishaw probes, styli and accessories on all of our machines.  As a dedicated supplier of Renishaw, we’ll beat any price in the market and service any machine with Renishaw probes regardless of brand.


Why is Renishaw CMM Stylus the Best in Class?

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