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Wenzel America’s Metrology Experts Provide 3D Scanning Services

3d scanning | Wenzel America












Haven’t tried 3D Scanning yet?

Unsure of its value to your measuring processes?

Tried it, but not ready to add a new metrology machine & measuring system?

Know the value, but would rather outsource the CT 3D Scanning to experts?

Whatever the reason we provide CT 3D scanning services that can give you the exact measuring and inspection data you need today.

3d scanning | Wenzel America

Our exaCT® CT 3D scanning machines powered by Metrosoft Quartis®  produce the most thorough and accurate data set available to medical device, automotive, aerospace, and other manufacturers everyday.

  • Call us. Our engineers will assess your need, review your inspection requirements, and schedule your CT scan immediately.
  • Your First CT Part Scan and Analysis are free.
  • The exaCT CT 3d scanning machines and Metrosoft Quartis software produce thousands of data points that become a 3D model allowing you total access to your “Part DNA”.
  • Once the scanning is done, a full analysis of the data set is produced according to your inspection requirements.
  • Next, one of our analysts will set up a web conference to go over the completed results and give you full access to your measuring data.

Some of the CT 3D Scanning analyses we can do are:

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Non-Destructive Testing
  • Dimensional Measurements
  • Actual to CAD Comparison
  • Part to Part Comparison
  • Part Integrity - Porosity, Voids, Inclusions, Wall Thickness

Contact us today for more information.

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Wenzel America’s Metrology Experts Provide 3D Scanning Services

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