FREE GRANITE 2015 – What's the deal with Granite anyway?

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If you haven't noticed, we love granite. It's the primary building material for our machines for the main reason that it provides the most metrologically stable base to build our high accuracy CMMs from.

For one, it's what our company is founded on. Our ability to efficiently build CMMs from granite we process in-house is a cornerstone of what we do. It's our heritage as much as anything. and it sets a tone for our engineering and product development. Not only is it a stable material to build from, but designing our processes around granite gives us a stable vision and a consistency in how we approach new products and technology. And some would say that consistency over time defines quality. We wouldn't argue that.

So because we control the process, we can control the costs and sometimes this gives an opportunity to say thanks and give back by offering our annual promotion for Free Granite. Through the end of 2015, we would like to invite you to increase the length of a new bridge machine ordered, by up to 50%, at no additional charge. For example, you can order an 8.15.7 machine, for the same price as an 8.10.7. Or a 10.15.7 for the same as a 10.12.7. The choice is yours.

Fill out the form to the right to download the specific sizes covered by the offer and see how much FREE GRANITE you can get!

Granite Granite Granite