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Wenzel Adds 14-year Metrology Veteran to North American Team

Wenzel America recently announced the hiring of Patrick Lanthier as its new Business Development Manager. Mr. Lanthier brings 14 years of experience in every area of metrology operations, managemen... Read More

PHOENIX II - New Structured Light Projection and Image Processing Sensor

Phoenix 2 measuring gear header

At a Glance: PHOENIX Measuring Process Preparing - The optical sensor does not require any reference marks, time for heating or pre-treatment of the surfaces. Calibration - ... Read More


exaCT CMM Metrology Equipment Header

CHALLENGE: SKZ, a leading German plastics research, testing and training center needed a non-destructive and highly accurate testing method for plastic composite parts used in automotive, furniture an... Read More


Pointmaster 3D Scanning Services Picture

Save Money With Measurement? “Measuring costs money, it doesn’t save money.” This is the view of most Mold and Tool Makers because the traditional methods are done after the part ... Read More

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Wenzel America CMM

LH Series CMM

LH Series CMM Picture

Our LH series of CMM measuring machines provides excellent price performance ratio and flexible application. The series is characterized by the easy handling, high robustness and is suitable for almost all common measuring tasks.
The LH machine has optimized bearing guide elements that guarantee a non-wearing and frictionless operation. Base plate traverse and spindle sleeves are of dark natural hard granite and provides all axis thermal stability. The guides of the X and Y axis are equipped with bellows covers.
Standard: Entry Level shop floor measuring machines

Premium: A greater emphasis on accuracy and performance

Premium Select: High speed and the highest standard of accuracy




Series X axis Y axis Z axis Spec Sheet Download
Accuracy Performance Standard Premium P-Select
LH54 500 600 400
500 1000 400
LH1210 1200 1600 1000
1200 2000 1000
1200 2500 1000
1200 3000 1000
LH1512 1500 2000 1200
1500 2500 1200
1500 3000 1200
1500 4000 1200



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Copyright 2012 Wenzel America

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