LH Series CMM | CMM Measuring

LH Series CMM

The X-Orbit is the Wenzel entry level CMM measuring machine that can be used in all application areas from goods inwards to final inspection. It's simple to use with a ... ... more
XOrbit CMM | CMM Measuring

Xorbit CMM

The X-Orbit is the Wenzel entry level CMM measuring machine that can be used in all application areas from goods inwards to final inspection. It's simple to use with a ... ... more
Smart CMM | CMM measuring

Smart CMM

The Smart CMM measuring machine is a revolution in coordinate measuring technology. It offers a wide application range for measuring smaller and medium production comp... ... more
XCite DCC CMM | CMM Measuring


The XCite is a cost effective, air bearing DCC CMM Measuring Machine, manufactured from granite with intrinsic accuracy. The measuring strokes cover 70% of CMM parts... ... more
XCite Manual CMM | CMM Measuring

XCite Manual CMM

XCite Manual CMM Measuring Machine The XCite is a cost effective, air bearing manual CMM measuringmachine, manufactured from granite with intrinsic acc... ... more
R Series | CMM Measuring

R Series

Our R series of roller bearing, horizontal arm CMM measuring machines provides excellent price performance ratio and flexible application. The series is ch... ... more
LH Gantry | CMM Measuring

LH Gantry

What is the LH Gantry CMM? The WENZEL LH Gantry CMM is a unique machine that closes the gap between traditional Bridge CMMs, and the larger measuring volume Gantry... ... more
LH Measuring Gear

LH Gear

The LHGear range of testers utilize a traditional CMM bridge style machine for coordinate measurement with rotary table to produce full 4 axis inspection machines to... ... more
LH Hybrid 3D Scan

LH Hybrid

The next iteration of the LH Gear series,the LH Hybrid 3d scan is designed for users of both 3D prismatic and elemental gear inspection, without relinquishing the fl... ... more

exaCT - Computer Tomography (Xray)

What are the Wenzel exaCT Computed Tomography Workstations WENZEL exaCT machines package advanced Industrial computed tomography into easy to use ergonomic an... ... more
MobileScan3D | laser scanners

MobileScan 3D - Laser

What is a Mobile Scan 3D? The Wenzel Mobile scan3D is a portable CNC laser line scanner that offers the quality and repeatability of a CMM based laser scanner... ... more
Innova Gear | CMM Measuring

Inova Gear

The new INOVA Gear from Wenzel Geartec is an intelligently arranged gear machine with a compact range of axes but nevertheless, a machine with big cmm measuring ranges. The Z-axis and rotary table ... ... more
Metrosoft QUARTIS


WENZEL Measuring Software The WENZEL Group provides intelligent software solutions for the numerous measurement applications. Constant collaboration with users from various industries results i... ... more

Metrosoft QUARTIS

Faster and easier to obtain meaningful measurement results ... ... more
OpenDMIS Software | 3d scanning services

OpenDMIS Software

Functionally enhanced Metrology software allowing open access to CMM CAD performance for 3D scanning services 
  A truly unique User Interface. Dynamic function-sensitive toolbars, ... ... more


Efficient Reverse Engineering and Surface Generation Data Acquisition, Processing and Analysis ... ... more

Gear Software

Easy parameter input, fast creation of measuring program ... ... more
Descad | Measuring Gear


Wenzel offers a combination of hardware measuring gear and software products to shorten lead times and improve quality and efficiency in automotive styling studios and mould tool makers. Typic... ... more
Smart Gear | coordinate measurement


The smartGEAR is a full 4-axis gear tester, which utilises the same controller and software technology as the WGT and LHGear and has the option of adding Wenzel’s Metromec CMM software to giv... ... more