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Wenzel Adds 14-year Metrology Veteran to North American Team

Wenzel America recently announced the hiring of Patrick Lanthier as its new Business Development Manager. Mr. Lanthier brings 14 years of experience in every area of metrology operations, managemen... Read More

PHOENIX II - New Structured Light Projection and Image Processing Sensor

Phoenix 2 measuring gear header

At a Glance: PHOENIX Measuring Process Preparing - The optical sensor does not require any reference marks, time for heating or pre-treatment of the surfaces. Calibration - ... Read More


exaCT CMM Metrology Equipment Header

CHALLENGE: SKZ, a leading German plastics research, testing and training center needed a non-destructive and highly accurate testing method for plastic composite parts used in automotive, furniture an... Read More


Pointmaster 3D Scanning Services Picture

Save Money With Measurement? “Measuring costs money, it doesn’t save money.” This is the view of most Mold and Tool Makers because the traditional methods are done after the part ... Read More

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Wenzel America - Metrology Equipment

We deliver and support reliable and innovative solutions to your measurement problems! Based in Wixom, Michigan, Wenzel America is part of the Wenzel Group, a unique, global metrology company.

A Family-Owned Company

Wenzel is a German, family-owned engineering company. The family name is on every Wenzel product shipped, and gives our employees immense pride in what we do. Wenzel has no external shareholders to satisfy and this helps us to focus on building long term relationships with our customers

Forward Thinking & Flexible

We develop and implement new technology to solve your measurement needs, including computed tomography, optical sensors and laser scanners. At the same time we preserve valuable engineering traditions and principles; our all-granite products are still hand lapped to be as mechanically accurate as possible.

Wenzel is a true manufacturer; with designers, milling and grinding machines, skilled craftsmen and well-trained technicians in our factories and in the field. Being in control of the Company’s destiny in this way makes Wenzel more flexible to your needs.

Offering a Wide Range of CMM & Imaging Gear

Bridge, gantry and horizontal CMM’s, gear testing machines and 3d imaging technology. Our machines are combined with state of the art software and accessories for CMM and gear inspection, scanning, reverse engineering and clay modeling. Wenzel has a 45 year history of making metrology products and that experience and ‘know-how’ is applied in everything done today.

… and Focused on Value to Save You Money

Wenzel America, with its Xspect Solutions division, also works with used CMM

and gear machines. A large inventory of many brands of CMM is always available and your older CMM can be retrofitted or taken in trade for a new Wenzel machine … saving you money!


Wenzel focuses on customer value in all the market segments served, striving to deliver the best value in the industry. This is equally true for our products and for our aftermarket services.