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Wenzel Application Report:
Spotlight on PointMaster Software and Wenzel CT Solution for Mold and Tool Company Operations
Save Money with Measurement? "Measuring costs money, it doesn't save money." This is the view of most Mold and Tool Makers because the traditional methods are done after the part is made. Which brings to mind the old adage - "Measure twice, cut once." Here's how one company is turning the accepted norm into competitive advantage. Read More


eQuality Tech, Inc. has utilized CT Scanning services from Wenzel America for over two years. Their expertise, professionalism and knowledge of the industry are impeccable. Every project to date has been delivered in a superb eQuality Tech, Inc. manner with ideal data and with a very competitive cost structure. Having a partner that understands CT, metrology and customer's expectations has allowed eQuality Tech to deliver a competitive edge in the inspection and Reverse Modeling phases of engineering. -- Srdjan Urosev, President/CEO eQuality Tech, Inc.Read More

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